All You Need to Know About a Vampire Facelift

Don’t confuse it with a vampire facial!

Even though both procedures have a few similarities, a vampire facelift differs greatly from a vampire facelift.

If you have some questions about vampire facelifts, such as what exactly they are, how they work, or who should get them, then we’ve got all the answers you’re looking for.

In this short post, we will answer all your questions to help you get a better understanding of this procedure. In other words, we will tell you all you need to know about vampire facials!

What Exactly Is It?

Vampire facelift is a cosmetic procedure in which the patient’s own blood is injected into their face. It’s for people who’re looking to get fresher, healthier, and brighter skin.

The treatment is non surgical. So you have nothing to worry about because the procedure is completely safe.

All You Need to Know About a Vampire Facelift

3-Step Procedure

Vampire facelifts are done in 3 simple steps:

Step No. 1

First, a hyaluronic acid based filler is injected into the patient’s face. This acid helps sculpt a fresher, brighter, and naturally younger looking skin.

It’s important to note here that based on years of research, our expert team has taken into account all mathematical factors for creating beauty without creating an unbalanced or unnatural-looking face.

Step No. 2

In the second step, a safe amount of blood is taken from your body. This blood is run through a centrifuge to separate and isolate platelet rich plasma (PRP)—a plasma protein that is known for healing damaged tissue.

Step No. 3

Once the PRP has been separated using a centrifuge, it is carefully injected back into important areas of your face. These PRPs activate multipotent stem cells that are already present in your skin.

Once the multipotent stem cells are activated, they enable your body to generate new tissues that make your skin look fresher, brighter, and healthier.

Vampire Facelift

Is It for You?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, if you’re looking to improve your skin’s tone, then a vampire facelift can do wonders for you. Furthermore, vampire facelifts can treat:

  • Divots
  • Cellulite
  • Fine lines
  • Acne scars
  • Slight sagging

So, if you want to either treat any of the above or simply improve your skin, then you should consider getting a vampire facelift.

Who SHOULDN’T Get a Vampire Facelift

People who have clotting problems, a bleeding disorder, or thrombocytopenia (a condition in which your platelets become low), should stay away from vampire facelifts.

How Many Treatment Sessions You Need?

The number of treatment sessions needed depends on the individual’s skin condition. Some people get results from multiple sessions, while others get their desired results from a single treatment.

But experts recommend getting multiple sessions for best results. Because beside a few lucky people, the vast majority see major skin improvement after 3-5 sessions.

People who get multiple treatments should make sure to spread them across their schedule, as these treatments should not be performed more than once a month.

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