IV Therapy

IV Therapy is an innovative med spa procedure to deliver fluids, vitamins, medications and other vital nutrients directly into the bloodstream IV Therapy.

A hydrating saline solution fortified with your choice of vitamins, minerals, prescription medications. IV is all about helping you meet your personal wellness goals. Feel free to build your own choice of treatment with any of our powerful, proven ingredients.
  • Get Up & Go: Burn Fat, Feel Energized, Boost Metabolism & Boost Mood
  • Immunity Booster: Flu Season Buster, Stress Reducer, Feel Better Faster & Boost Natural Defense
  • Beam & Glow: Hair, Skin, Nails, Skin Vibrancy Antioxidant, Fights Inflammation, Look & Feel Younger, Detox Liver Booster, Treats Numbness & Neuropathy, Skin Lightener & Evens Skin Tones
  • IV Push or IM Injection: Pain – Toradol, Nausea – Zofran, Fat Burner – Lipo, Immunity/Inflam – Vitamin C & Reflux – Famotidine


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