The Ultimate Guide to Micro Laser Peel

Micro laser peels reduce scars, wrinkles, and pigmentation resulting in healthier-looking skin.

A micro laser peel, as its name suggests, uses micro laser technology to improve your skin. It’s one of, if not the most superior facial treatment because your skin cells are improved with great precision of depth.

If you’re wondering whether this treatment is effective, safe, and painless, then we’ve got all the answers you’re looking for. In this short and quick guide, we will answer all your questions about micro laser peels!

Micro Laser Peel - Teaneck, NJ

What Exactly Is Micro Laser Peel?

A micro laser peel is a facial treatment that uses micro-laser technology. During treatment, a thin layer of damaged skin is removed to make your skin appear more youthful.

Compared to other facial treatments, micro laser peels provide superior results. Because they improve your skin cells with great precision of depth.

Another great thing about this treatment is that it can be tailored according to your skin conditions. So, it’s easier to get your desired results.

How Does Micro Laser Peel Work?

First, a beam is scanned over target areas to remove a very thin layer of your skin. Once this thin layer is removed, most of the damaged cells that make you look older are gone.

After this, your skin starts to heal and fresh cells grow on the treated area. As a result, your skin becomes fresher, healthier, and smoother with fewer wrinkles.

Most patients describe the before-and-after results as the difference between dull and vibrant skin.

What Can Micro Laser Peel Treat?

A micro laser peel can treat:

  • Scars
  • Freckles
  • Keratosis
  • Mild wrinkles
  • Pigment irregularities

Does Micro Laser Peel Only Treat Facial Skin?

Contrary to most people believing that micro laser peels are limited to facial skin, these treatments can actually treat almost all parts of your body including neck, hands, and chest.

Micro Laser Peel Before & After

Is a Single Session Enough?

Similar to most facial treatments, the results obtained from a single micro laser peel session vary depending on the skin condition of the patient.

Some people achieve their desired results from a single session. While others require multiple treatment sessions to reach their ideal skin appearance.

You should consult your physician on this matter to come up with an estimate number of sessions that will be required for you to achieve your desired skin.

Is the Procedure Long?

No, they procedure is a short one. Depending on the size and area of your body being treated, the procedure takes only 15-30 minutes of your time.

Is the Procedure Comfortable?

One of the best things about micro laser peel is that you don’t have to worry about pain.

During the treatment, you will be comfortable because the beam will not penetrate deep into your skin. Most people can easily tolerate the mild pain without help from anesthetics.

But if you’re getting a peel at deep settings, then a topical numbing cream may be used.

When Will I Start Seeing Results?

Since only the upper layer of your skin is treated, you will most likely notice a clear improvement in tone, texture, and color evenness 3-4 days after treatment.

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