Everything You Need To Know About Microneedling Before Trying It

Microneedling can help with various skin conditions, and statistics suggest it is no doubt an effective technique to reduce acne scars, pigmentation, stretch marks, wrinkles, alopecia, and even active acne.

According to a published study, almost 100% of patients who tried Microneedling for acne scarring observed a clear difference in the appearance of their scars.

Today, we are going to discuss everything you have ever wanted to know about this efficient skin treatment. Please read below to know more about Microneedling.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a skin treatment procedure that uses a device equipped with hundreds of tiny and sharp needles. This device is used on the skin to create tiny puncture holes. This procedure sure sounds scary, but the punctures are created only on the surface level, so there is no to minimal pain.

But what is the purpose of puncturing the skin with needles? Well, when your skin feels tiny cuts or punctures, it tries to heal itself by producing more collagen, which helps rejuvenate your skin and gives you a refreshed look. This process boosts collagen production in your skin and rejuvenates it, which in turn reduces acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, and the overall texture of your skin.

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What Are The Benefits Of Microneedling?

  • A systematic review published in 2018 termed Microneedling a safe and effective procedure to treat wrinkles and acne scars.
  • American Academy of Dermatology also suggested that Microneedling is effective for reducing large pores, wrinkles, scars, and fine lines.

Here are some commonly stated benefits of Microneedling:

  • Radically enhances skin texture
  • Boosts collagen production in the skin
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation

According to experts, Microneedling alone provides very modest results, but when this procedure is paired with radiofrequency, it can pack a better punch. Collagen production can be almost doubled up with radiofrequency as the waves travel deep down and heat the dermis layer. People can see a vast improvement in fine lines, mild wrinkles, acne scars, and tightness of the skin.

If you are currently using strong acid-based creams such as retinol, it is advisable to avoid using it some days before your Microneedling treatment. Harsh creams or chemicals can cause irritation and aggravation, so you should stop using such chemicals at least 48 hours before your treatment.

Dermatologists also advise patients to avoid sun exposure at all costs at least three days before the treatment. You should also avoid going out in the sun for at least three days after your Microneedling treatment. Giving your skin a milder environment is a key to successful Microneedling.

Arrive at the clinic with dry and clean skin. If your skin is not clean, the technician will apply a cleanser to remove dirt and oil and put a numbing cream on your face, so you experience minimum pain during the procedure.

Before and After Microneedling

What Are The Side Effects?

Dermatologists consider Microneedling a safe process for all skin types, but there may be some minor risks involved such as:

  • Skin irritation after the treatment
  • Dryness
  • Itching or discomfort at the site
  • Flaking or minor peeling of the skin
  • Redness or bruising

It is very uncommon for patients to experience bleeding after Microneedling, but it may occur after a deeper Microneedling session. Bleeding can also occur if you suffer from any blood disorder. Please be sure to discuss with your doctor if you currently are taking any blood-thinning medications before receiving the treatment.

Although it is very unusual, there may be some serious side effects such as infections, burns, or pigment changes in the skin. But with experienced technicians and the right products, you are likely to experience no side effects at all.

Finally, patients who are not the right fit for Microneedling are those who have:

  • Keloid scarring
  • Unstable skin condition
  • Severe active acne
  • Skin infection

Have an appointment with an expert before booking for a Microneedling treatment. The doctor will guide you better on whether this treatment is the right option for you.

What to Expect?

Does Microneedling hurt? With proper application of numbing cream, the Microneedling procedure doesn’t cause any pain. However, hundreds of needles puncturing your skin can cause you a little discomfort or you may experience a minor tingling feeling. While this treatment does not cause you any pain, it doesn’t feel good either. It is a short procedure that lasts about 20 minutes. So, whatever you may feel is for a very short period.

You will not feel any tingling or pain after the treatment. Your skin may feel a little sensitive on certain areas, but that too will subside after a few hours. After the microneedling procedure, the technician or the dermatologist will apply soothing serum and a hydrating face mask on your face.

Most patients report that they felt no pain whatsoever during and after the treatment. The redness that occurs due to the needling will also go away in a few hours, and you will feel normal. 

The best part about Microneedling is that it has little downtime. You will leave the clinic after the treatment a little red, and the next day, your skin will be back to normal. You can even resume your normal skincare routine the next day. Just be sure to avoid sun exposure and the use of harsh chemicals on your face.

The Takeaway

It is proven through various studies that Microneedling is a risk-free and effective cosmetic procedure that can help reduce hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, wrinkles, and even alopecia.

There are some side effects, but they are very uncommon. If you do not suffer from any severe infection or unstable skin disorder, you can safely undergo this procedure.

If you wish to get Microneedling done, you should visit a skin professional or dermatologist who has experience and is trained in cosmetic procedures.

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